1915 Behind The Scenes Extras (18 items)

1915 Behind The Scenes Extras (18 items)

This package contains 18 exclusive extras from Behind-the-Scenes of 1915. (This package does not including the film.)

* 1915 - THE END BEGINS, a composition from the haunting original soundtrack by Serj Tankian. (Download instantly with pre-order.)

* 7 on-set conversations with the actors: Simon Abkarian, Angela Sarafyan, Sam Page, Nikolai Kinski, Jim Piddock, Debra Christofferson, Sunny Suljic.

* 3 unforgettable behind-the-scenes videos from the shoot, including a stunning speech after the final take.

* 4 deleted scenes.

* 25 set photos.

* "Simon's Secret Files" -- a digital booklet on the secret layers of the story containing Simon's carefully compiled notes on each character (never seen on screen).

1915 Behind The Scenes Extras (18 items)

15 Videos